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Credits Beyond The City

Lyrix: Luca Candellero

Testo della canzone

Beyond The City

Listen to the emptiness
In a blister of voices
Make your way through the crowd
Observing their choices

You fear to be a part of it
Your thoughts travel beyond the city
Faraway places where to escape
Or only walls to surpass?

The suffocated cries
Of those who continue to hope
That they are no longer barricaded
and start to search
for something more
than the cold surface of this world

Tears of anger
Of a crowd used to
Hiding under the sand
Using golden powder or blocks of concrete

Help to deny their inner torment.

Album che contiene Beyond The City

album Spacemaker - The Psychophonic Nurse
Spacemaker 2013 - Industrial, Alternativo, Electro

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