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Credits Transpolitix

Lyrix: Stefano Giovannardi

Testo della canzone


Red night dim light no one I can see
White boots a big root she’s waiting for me
I call for this new item that rings at my bell
No fright no regrets my life is getting well

Lined lights on lined cars
wait to pick up a star
The radio screams of gossips ‘n’ politics
what silly globe we live in

Government buildings are so depressing
Let me get out of here
I need something more exhilarating
Something going deeper and deep

Red lips short skirts you grant to the streets
Playing by mirror and lights thrilled by silky sheets
More I try ‘n’ more I like and be pleased about too
Out of the format I’m accustomed to

Lined lanes of lined towns
crammed by synthetic pleasers
Shots and flashes don’t make me afraid
this opportunity I will not loose
I’m the cream of the crop I’m a leader

I can’t resist this obsession
Without this I screw up and yell
Do you think I took the wrong direction?
I guess we’ll meet down in hell

Album che contiene Transpolitix

album Spacemaker The Psychophonic Nurse
Spacemaker 2013 - Industrial, Alternativo, Electro

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