Radio Shakedown - Scarica e Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Get Up



Testo della canzone

My eyes keep cryin' and my face turns to blue
But they say "kid don't waste away..."
I'm drunk like McGowan, i had enough of you
But they say "kid don't waste away all your hope"

Get up..get up now

When your life keeps crumblin'
Can you last and face the truth?
I've found i'm not that strong
I buried myself with you
And all the things they're sayin'...wont help
They're just cheatin', lyin', cryin' on you

My faith is broken and my love's gone too
What the hell is gonna happen next?
Bad luck loves me..she's not like you
But they say kid don't waste away all your hope

Get up..get up now

Album che contiene Get Up

album Cheaters never lose - Radio ShakedownCheaters never lose
2011 - Punk rock
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