Radio Shakedown - Scarica e Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Silly Laughs



Testo della canzone

Like an angel you came down to my life
Like a killer you left me here to die
Can't forget all the wrong that i've done
Can't say why i betrayed your heart
I was so blind.. couldn't see you shining
Now i know.. and it's all gone

So long was the road that we used to walk
So damn long but.. just not enough
She was my baby, she used to shine
Now she's a ghost.. killed by my knife
The good times, the hard ones
They really don't matter now it's gone.. it's all gone

I miss them yet
I say goodbye to our silly laughs..girl

Album che contiene Silly Laughs

album Cheaters never lose - Radio ShakedownCheaters never lose
2011 - Punk rock
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