Radio Warszawa - Anne Katherine Vej testo lyric


You can get amazed for this
Hurt and loss that's in between
It grows inside of you just like a disease
Until you don't know who you are
What you haven't ever been
Only endures in the "I would..."
You'd better stop and think about a way
To manage to get out and hurt me bad
The things they change
It happens so fast and you know
That you won't pretend so well that it was not a big deal again and again
The truth that is
It vanishes with a strange day's parties now betray
Leaving just some spots on the pillows to fade away
You can change identity
Reinvent yourself more free
Just like if you haven't ever been
This vulnerable
It's strange to survive ourselves
While the lights they go down
Oh well, maybe it was just some rotten eternity


Words and music by Paolo Santamarianova


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La canzone Anne Katherine Vej si trova nell'album Radio Warszawa uscito nel 2018.

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