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Credits Daisy Tunes

Ruggero Bianchin: voce, cori, chitarre, ukulele, basso, batteria, tastiere, campioni orchestrali
Roberta Verde: cori

Scritto, registrato, missato e non masterizzato a casa e in vari garage da Ruggero Bianchin – Roma, Nov. 2013

Testo della canzone

(I’ve been) throwing away
All my favourite records
They have been lying all the time
There is no safe place
To go to when it rains
But I’ve tried to save the ones that made you smile

From the sidelines
The right time never showed
I was stuck
In your mirror eyes
Looking for the sign

To clear up and let all of things go
Now that it’s “bye, bye, bye”.

Warm sunny days
The kind that last forever
When you’re awake and all the world’s asleep
Could I pass them by?
Could I let them slide?
No, I tried to save the ones that would put you right

And if yesterdays
Keep rising from their graves
Burn them all
I will strike the match for you

You’ve been there,
You’ve fucked up and all,
Now then it’s “bye, bye, bye”.

Wheeling you out
On sunny dead end streets
To bury memories
But memories can knock you sideways down
And even if you’ve never had a life

And if it never happened,
Will you try again for one more time?
Or will you stay away in your secret corner
Waiting for the right line
Right in line

We’re not going back

Album che contiene Daisy Tunes

album Tones Of Home Ruggero Bianchin
Tones Of Home 2013 - Rock, Pop

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