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Ruggero Bianchin: voce, chitarra, basso, batteria, percussioni

Scritto, registrato, missato e non masterizzato a casa da Ruggero Bianchin – Roma, Nov. 2013

Testo della canzone

It’s not the first time
That I’ve been away
But it feels so sad and lonely
Standing in this place

Such a fine actor
And yet I forgot
That none of these lines would ever
Take me to somewhere that I’d call home

Whatever happened
To words that I read
It looks like I’ve always known
Exactly where to stand

I’ll be as quiet
As afternoon rain
Dead-eyed and waiting for your car to skid away

I know you couldn’t see it but
It was never right for me to stay.

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album Tones Of Home - Ruggero BianchinTones Of Home
2013 - Rock, Pop
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