Ruggero Bianchin - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Love



Credits Love

Ruggero Bianchin: voce, chitarre, batteria, tastiere, loops, campioni orchestrali

Scritto, registrato, missato e non masterizzato a casa e in vari garage da Ruggero Bianchin – Roma, Nov. 2013

Testo della canzone

Somewhere, in a street
You’re staring back at me
And I’ll never know how hard you tried

To recapture that moment
When you felt like you had found


Slip away
To the far end of the reel
Where you set off free
You’re not locked up anymore

The lights go down
While I watch you dance away
All the nights that killed you slowly
The broken tales of fading trust and


The closing tune is playing but I’m not leaving
I’m not going anywhere
I’ll be waiting for you

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album Tones Of Home - Ruggero BianchinTones Of Home
2013 - Rock, Pop
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