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Testo della canzone

You’ll burn yourself at only 20
You’ll close the circle again
Trips on your face
A royal bruise made by hands
You talk, I don’t get you
And every day you kill me inside of you
Around you, around you
Like a drunk man
But these are just stories
On how things are born or dead
We born to die
It’s a still exit
Music would be useless
She cuts wires well
Give me something
Longing money
Now we feel closer
Throwing troubles away
Get more drugs and...
We would be better
Don’t think about the future
Sew the open wounds
And give me something
Coming back empty
Thinking of you to fulfil
And fall into temptations drowned
She gets me down
Paranoia, stalking
Oh I’d kiss her so much
So I’d die breathless
And she’ll receive me
Like another blue blow
Oh I’d kill her so much
As an atheist sound

Album che contiene Dream Machine

album Ep Rebelde Black Machine
Ep 2014 - Stoner, Rock, Alternativo

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