Rebelde Black Machine - Ascolta e Testo Lyrics Santa Muerte



Testo della canzone

I feel so lonely
on a desert road
It kills me like another
revolution war
Push play on the stereo
to remake the gold thoughts
We’re fucked forever
“hasta luego” world

Now we feel so lonely
in this desert road
one on one we’re even
like a challenge old
Wait: I’ve nothing to lose
shit, brother, look
How he feels:
a gun just pretends that we’re real

Something tells me that I can hit the f.e.d.e.r.a.l.
Do you smoke now?

Are you living in hesitation?
A trigger to press and desolation
We brought it with us again
a helicopter in elevation

Album che contiene Santa Muerte

album Ep - Rebelde Black MachineEp
2014 - Stoner, Rock, Alternativo
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