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Testo della canzone

Can you hear the noise
Climbing down the hills
Seems to be the voices
Of your gods
Listen to the song
They're singing along
Seems there is no way
To escape

You're running
Nothing will help it
Seems like there's nowhere to go

I'm getting mad
Only get crazy
That little voice makes Ohoooo
I'm getting mad
Only get crazy
That little voice
In your head
Makes Ohoooo

Can you hear the men
Coming after you
Seems to be the day of punishment
You're the chosen one
Thought it wasn't bad
Now it seems a game
It's just to late

I wanna tell you the story
Of old Indian people
That one day turned so crazy
That killed every one

Album che contiene Indians

album Handle With Care - Revenge
Handle With Care 2006 - Rock, Pop, Funk

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