Descrizione a cura della band

Riccardo Noè: “A debut-album refered to various periods of my life, with Bodzinian sounds , Bonobo and Moderat influences”

"I had no specific ideas since I started working on the album over a year ago, I can say that I was surprised and certainly without any doubt on how I did it. It developed around over time, starting from a piece I did for my ex girlfriend, I continued on that style, looking for “Bodzinian” sound in 4/4, Bonobo expressions and musical dreams from Moderat. I think the album is by definition a turning point for every artist, and I do not hide that is what I perceived myself.
Tracks are refered to various periods of my life, as well as to individual episodes of various periods, some are even dedicated to people in particular.
As I said before, I took as a cue from the current more recently from my label outlet, in addition to having the league some artists of the past among which especially Lucio Battisti.
My album for the musical journey of Syntheke means to understand and learn about our work and the fact that we are many able to make good music in Italy.
It 'a meditative album, but it depends on the use one makes of it. It is quite subjective.
Artwork is cured by Alan Burguet, a talented boy that works for various clothing brands and has already opened his personal exhibition in Milan.
I firmly believe in the cyclical nature of the music circuit, but also a bit 'in all things. In the 60 and 70 was very much the songwriting, De Andrè and Battisti before, and De Gregori then.
After it's heyday with the italo disco in the 80s, then house and techno clubbing scene.
Now is the return of live music, after over a past decade under the influence and foreign guest artists ..
Therefore, my opinion is that the scene of my country is in great shape, but not yet able to define true and properly a scene, there are still many things to do. I hope to help a good Italian movement coming out.”


Written & produced by Riccardo Noè, except for the track "Symphonie Der Bewegung", written by Riccardo Noè and Federico Tresca Carducci.

Track 1 is dedicated to my friend Alice, track 6 is dedicated to my grandmother.


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