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After finding success thanks to his renditions of Celine Dion’s songs, Italian singer Riccardo Polidoro releases two original songs on the Maxy Sound label.
Riccardo Polidoro - called an “Idol” by many of his fans - has just published two original songs and videos, after a long list of successful renditions of songs by his favorite singer Celine Dion.
“Many people have been asking me to sing my own songs, so my producer Max Titi decided to write a couple of original songs and invited me to record them in his studio” says Riccardo.
“The Ones You Love” is a ballad that perfectly recalls Celine Dion’s style. It speaks of those moments in your life when you feel stressed and down, when a small gesture like a hug would make you feel a whole lot better. Sometimes you realize that all you need is to be loved. “The ones you love are there” reassure the words of the chorus. This simple thought brings relief and gives you the energy and the strength to keep on going. “Love is like fuel”, says the author Max Titi, “and we should never take it for granted”.
The second tune - “Driving to You” - is a mid-tempo pop song. “It’s a metaphorical journey to a place where everyone would like to be, close to the people you feel bound to”, continues Riccardo’s author and producer Max Titi.
Riccardo is followed by many fans from all around the world, helping him gain several million views on his YouTube Channel.
The singer is particularly connected to his fans and he would like to reach out, take them by the hand and hug every one of them. In fact, some years ago he was seriously thinking of giving up on his dream and quitting music; the fact he decided to keep on singing was thanks to the huge number of people who started showing him love and appreciation through Facebook and YouTube.
“The Ones You Love” and “Driving to You” are now available for download and streaming on all major digital stores.


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