Richard J Aarden - Testo Lyrics Afloat

Testo della canzone

My mind is littered with unwanted thoughts,
in my heart the remnants of feelings I’ve lost.
The nights that I spent out destroying my self
now I let ‘em sneak in like a disease.
Just to blow me away.
I’m out of this storm keeping afloat
So here I’m standing with nothing to say,
The person I've been is no longer to blame
I'm now heading nowhere far from what we were
The most that I can do for you is to keep on lying,
just to blow you away
I’m out of this storm keeping afloat
Can’t you see? The sun is shining.

Album che contiene Afloat

album Stolid & Bruised EP - Richard J AardenStolid & Bruised EP
2015 - Rock, Alternativo, Acustico Prismopaco Records
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