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Testo della canzone

Salt on my wounds
and I’m stoned, stolid and bruised
hiding from you
I wear out my guts
deconstructing my sins
and she’s waiting there for me

I’m on the edge of passing out
and she’s tangled up here
under my sheets
So knock me out, before I let you down
Cause this is what I do best now

Feels like running barefoot on shards
and I can’t help but stumble
Feels like crawling naked in snow
And I can’t help but burn down

when you’re not around here
when you’re not around here
when you’re not around here
is it blood on my hands?
have I murdered our love?
Cause it’s blood on my hands
so please
get me out of here

Album che contiene Barefoot On Shards

album Stolid & Bruised EP Richard J Aarden
Stolid & Bruised EP 2015 - Rock, Alternativo, Acustico Prismopaco Records

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