Descrizione a cura della band

ZRISNE is a mix of music, concerns and thoughts with many inspirations without a specific musical genre, but many of these.
The album begins with listen to the uncle; a funky thing inspired by the feeling when you join a new experience. Then it goes on with lucky man; the most rock’roll song in the album. It’s the feeling you get when you’re playing music with a band …She says is a bad reggae song, but a good pop one… gone is another love song, with taste of funky, jazz, samba… Hope is the heaviest song ironically written seeing such old bands of 70 years still on stage which are moving such like monkies. Realize is a funk rock song dedicated to unforeseeable things, to the chaos. Sleeping machine is an electric ballad talking about people devastated by their thoughts. The album closes with gift, another electric schizoid song based on those kinds of person which want you to do what they want without any respect.
This is it. For other info, listen to ZRISNE!!!


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