Copenhagen is a city that hides many stimuli, but few are able to understand how to take advantage of them: this has happened to Rome In Reverse, the project of Antonella, Elena and Ambra, who have found themselves sucked into this situation so tied to tradition but at the same time marked with future scenarios. Dance music, techno, dub and trip hop are the foundation of Rome In Reverse and their album "Loop And Reverse" is a mix of these influences.
Although dance music loops are the foundation, Rome in Reverse try not to make boring, conventional songs: they are so enriched by the voice of Antonella that, with the support of sounds and features, tracks become dynamic and harmonious. Rome In Reverse hide fragments, like the constant beat and upbeat, reverbs and delays. They love digital tools but also include analog, as the warm notes of Elena's guitar are wrapped in the sounds. Rome In Reverse loves visual art, and minimal projections during concerts, along with the music, define the mood.