Rubacava Sessions - Electric Horse testo lyric


The moon shines on your long hair, electric horse
that ancient choir foreshadowed your horseshoes' ring

You drank the water from the dead man's river
and you crossed Dead Man's Town too
Alone, in these lands, you pretend not to know

Mysteriously, you carry that ghost weight
through the valleys that are still unknown

You recognize your brothers by their blood
and by the tears in their eyes
...then you wonder where are your sons now
"Where are they now?"

The moon reflects in your eyes, electric horse
They won't stare at these new old ruins
and so you’ll run all over the earth
to bring a piece of the universe into this fool's cave.


Lyrics: Carlo Mazzoli


La canzone Electric Horse si trova nell'album No Middle Ground uscito nel 2014 per Goodfellas, Lostunes Records.

Copertina dell'album No Middle Ground, di Rubacava Sessions

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