Rubacava Sessions - Shaman's Remedy testo lyric


You told everybody you missed the last train
you saw the sky as dirty as a tablecloth on a Sunday banquet
blaming yourself for not being wise enough

Things never look good to you

So you went to the shaman's lair
he told you what to do
You implored him for a remedy...
begging for some voodoo

So you had a chance to come back to the crossroads,
you took the other way and jumped on the lost train,
laid down on the green fields and admired the bright stars

...but there's still something that got lost along the road

and now you're going back to the shaman's lair,
he knows what to do
Just one more shaman's remedy...
just some more voodoo.


Lyrics: Carlo Mazzoli


La canzone Shaman's Remedy si trova nell'album No Middle Ground uscito nel 2014 per Goodfellas, Lostunes Records.

Copertina dell'album No Middle Ground, di Rubacava Sessions

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