Rubacava Sessions Skeleton Song Testo Lyrics

Rubacava Sessions Skeleton Song Testo Lyrics

Rock, Folk, Blues 

Roma, Lazio

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Credits Skeleton Song

Lyrics: Carlo Mazzoli

Testo della canzone

We met a man, an old tramp
who once loaded spices on western ships
His hands built the Trans-Siberian Railway
and cut the stones for pyramids

He fell by the flames in Carthage
after being lost in the sinking of Atlantis

He went to jail a thousand times...
he killed, stole and wrote irriverent lines
Slave down in the mines of Africa,
in Europe, he was both hangman and rebel
While in Rome, he dug up the old memories of a patrician

and then we watched him disappear
through the old foggy alleys
while he was singing:

"We'll be there on the fields,
dealing with skeleton armies
while gazing upon the burning sky."

Album che contiene Skeleton Song

album No Middle Ground - Rubacava Sessions
No Middle Ground 2015 - Rock, Folk, Blues Goodfellas, Lostunes Records

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