album Fade/rise ep Diverting Duo

Diverting Duo Fade/rise ep


2013 - Pop, Shoegaze


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Descrizione a cura della band

Out on the japanese Totokoko label 24th december 2013.

Fade/rise and Lucky boy were originally part of an unreleased soundtrack diverting duo were asked to write and perform during summer 2013, inspired by an old animation movie. Formerly completely instrumental, it was written following a totally different creative approach. They became proper songs only at a later time, when Diverting Duo decided to add lyrics to the music.

Outset and Home were previously released on Zahr records and are part of We lend you a memory.

Totokoko label was founded in 2010 with different aims and since then Totokoko has been  dealing not only with music but also with art, photography and painting and they’ve always chosen to share the music they release as free download. Diverting duo  is the first Italian band to be noticed by the Japanese label which normally works with artists from all over the world.

Free download here > http://totokokolabel.com/releases_042

Lyrics here > http://divertingduo.tumblr.com/lyrics

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