Silence, Exile & Cunning - Dadaistic Vision testo lyric


Your dadaistic vision of the world is only a scandal
Of your missed religion you don’t wanna know
Your pencil case hates that pen that you won’t fix
Oh might you wanna do those tricks?

Your dadaistic vision is the fake sensation of your mind
Contested your religion when it was only a fail
Delusions and mistakes are burning away
And might you wanna walk this rail?

Mind, she’s away from her mistakes and the best that I do is controlling me
Try to see everything when the sea burned with the sun over me
Find all the reasons of my pride and the cause of my disease is love my side
Cry with sorrow streets and the horizon sparkles under me

Your dadaistic vision makes you undervalued
Pain on your blames and rats with your pets
You and yourself found that based picks
But might you wanna crumble your tricks?

Your dadaistic vision scratch the flattery and “Good luck!”
The art your pleasure stress a rotten pray
Candles in the sky as lights that you kill
And might you wanna wait for years?


What’s that mystery? Where’s your nightmare?
Can’t control your feeling and the wild beast that is in you
Heartbeat’s crumbling in you, heartbeat’s crumbling in you
Heartbeat’s crumbling in you and you’re not the only ones who know


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La canzone Dadaistic Vision si trova nell'album ON uscito nel 2015.

Copertina dell'album ON, di Silence, Exile & Cunning

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