Silence, Exile & Cunning - Missolonghi testo lyric


Mr. Lord Byron is coming to see his way
Where the cruel spanish men will not let their peace free

Oh, can you see what the world is going to be? - Now here -

Under your waterfall, where your world used to be your home
The water is falling down from the sky, your pride is as your wife

And you don’t feel the same although train is on your way
And you don’t feel the same if the revolution kills the oppressor

Now Missolonghi is your home

George Gordon Byron wrote on the paper and all the words were naked
Corrupted England was your fatherland and your father was mad

So you said my life is terrible, I will fight for Greece in her rebellion


All the warriors are ready, please don’t touch our ladies
Go away from my state, go away from my reign

Mr. Lord Byron on the grass, your eyes are seeing the death
How many times you wanted to fight for your life?



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La canzone Missolonghi si trova nell'album ON uscito nel 2015.

Copertina dell'album ON, di Silence, Exile & Cunning

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