Descrizione a cura della band

SEVERAL UNION debut album released for the english label Copro Records | Casket Music, in November 24th 2008.

"Formed in 2005, these Italian chaps produce a sound that are in in fact a kind of modern metal, with rock and nu-metal attitudes, filled with amazing harmonies and impressive melodies.
Inspired by the likes of Stone Sour and Alter Bridge, they produce a sense of arena filling melody, with the rawness of the nu-metal heroes, I think the term maybe nu-grunge, perhaps. The debut single produced by Riccardo Pasini (Slowmotion Apocalypse, Ephel Duath, Figure of Six, etc…): the nine songs are a blend of aggressive guitar riffs and acoustic ballads, surrounded by a dark atmosphere expressed through melody and lyrics, along with an increased metal attitude."

FOR FANS OF: Alter Bridge, Tool, Disturbed, Breaking Benjamin, Papa Roach.


@2008 Several Union.
Published by Copro Records/Casket Music.


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