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Descrizione a cura della band

Shaking Bones were formed in London in 2014 when Luca Scaggiante met Loris Peverani at Tech Music School. Initially the band was a rockabilly/swing duo (drums, guit/vocals).
Then the two came across Garry Tyrrell Lynch, slapping double bass player, and began gigging all over the place as a more-aggressive trio.
If rockabilly was the main ingredient, they would liberally mix it up with the aggression of punk rock, the danceable lightness of ska and rocksteady.
They gigged in some well known clubs in London such as The Jazz Cafe (Camden) and The Borderline (Soho) and across europe.
Each one of Shaking Bones members come from a 10+year experience and from various influences.
Loris began his professional musical activity with national and international artists by the age of 16 and sessioned in recording studios for unnumbered acts such as Bobby Solo and Riccardo Fogli.
Luca played for many different bands from alternative rock to jazz and rockabilly and toured for 6 years all over Italy with a internationally known ska-jazz band called Ska-j (Azzurra Records) supporting big international acts such as The Wailers, Skatalites, Israel Vibrations, New York Ska Jazz Ensemble, eccetera..
Garry has played for many bands Including Jake Allen (Wild Records), The Excellos (Rollin Records ), Johnny & The Jailbirds (Foot tappin Records), Rhythm River Trio (Rhythm Bomb Records), Johnny Fox & The Invaders (Foot Tappin Records) and Craig Shaw and the Illuminators (Rolling Records).


Luca Scaggiante Voce - Chitarra
Loris Peverani -Batteria
Garry Tyrrell Lynch- Contrabbasso


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