Shandon Shandon Testo Lyrics

Shandon Shandon Testo Lyrics

Ska, Rock, Alternativo 

Milano, Lombardia

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Testo della canzone

It's time we have to take care of this song
We wrote and now sing
We'll make it slowly so you won't be hurt
We'll make it faster so you won't fall asleep
So Shandon's just the label of our crazyness
Our love for music 'cause we don't even know
What kind of music we propose
Oh please leave me alone
To express the beat that I feel
Just play!!!
Music expression of my rage and love
Nothing that I would enclose in schemes
So anger and happiness that start from my heart
Flow trough my veins right to my brain
And my fingers' just play!!!

Album che contiene Shandon

album Skamobile - Shandon
Skamobile 1997 - Ska, Rock, Alternativo T.V.O.R. on vinyl

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