SHIJO X Almost in trouble Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

SHIJO X Almost in trouble Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

Trip-Hop, Pop, Alternativo 

Giulianova, Abruzzo


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Credits Almost in trouble

Music: Davide Verticelli, Laura Sinigaglia
Lyric: Laura Sinigaglia, Caterina Sinigaglia

Testo della canzone

A long long time ago
In a creepy castle
In the remotest room of
The remotest ‘n’ tallest tower,
A pretty princess was imprisoned
And she was waiting…
But one day…

Fearless he came,
Charming was his name
Dead dragons on his road,
Four ogres one black wolf,
Through the forest in the dark
Up to the witch’s house,
He knocked down the door
And took her hand…

And they ran…ran away
In the rainbow with a smile…
Blooming flowers, butterflies

This until he turned around
That’s when he saw her eyes
Gently waving him goodbye
And the lady at his side
Kept asking “why oh why
Can’t I have a manicure?
God I need it, that’s for sure!!”
No one heard of her again
A love story was born

At the end
Like in every proper tale
Even now they still live there,
The evil witch and her spouse
But they’re running a steakhouse

Album che contiene Almost in trouble

album ...If a night - SHIJO X
...If a night 2012 - Trip-Hop, Alternativo Audioglobe

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