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Credits Runnin'

Music: Davide Verticelli, Federico Fazia, Laura Sinigaglia
Lyric: Caterina Sinigaglia, Laura Sinigaglia

Testo della canzone

Running, running freaking fast
Always running never rest
Running seems now my whole life
Never getting bigger slice
Run to catch up with the world
Run away from what is old
Run to keep my senses sharp
Even when the song gets dark

I run till I break my legs
(I run) even if I’m almost dead
I run I run cause I’m cool
I run I run whatcha do?
Running’s what I learned to do
I’m so good I run backwards
Yes! I can run upside down
With my hands on the ground

Once in a hundred thousand years
I need a deeper breath

So I can start to run again
With my energies renewed
Running as I did before
I’m so good I can run slow.
And I always run at night
Always chasing (the) city lights
It’s a challenge with my sleep
Thank you old friend caffeine

I run let me set this straight
And I’m never ever late
With all the energies I’ve got
That’s unless of course I stop

Once in a hundred thousand years
I need a deeper breath

I still run and I don’t care
I still run and you just stare
So I’m running that is clear
Can’t you hear my steps are near
I’m breathing on your neck
You can see me if you turn back

Album che contiene Runnin'

album ...If a night SHIJO X
...If a night 2012 - Trip-Hop, Alternativo Audioglobe

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