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When she's coming
I'm sitting on the easy chair
Under this ceiling
I'm breathing only stuffy air

Ticking away
Useless moments of my weary day
Rolling slowly
The time deprives me of my will to play

And I woke up
I got up...
Step by step
From the light through the black...

Here she comes again
With her hot and lazy embrace
I feel it so close to me
I must accept she with bad grace

Still together
I'm thinking of my life
Sad and lonely
She seems my only eternal wife...

But I woke up
I got up...
I opened the door
There was the same floor...


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La canzone Mind Chambers si trova nell'album Psychotheque E.P. uscito nel 2003.

Copertina dell'album Psychotheque E.P., di SHW

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