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Get up!
Hold on,
the sky is storming, you hold on.
The tide is high, you don't mind.
From the blackest seaway
you will come out alive.
It is taking its shape but
you got nothing to hide,
you got nothing to hide.
Just hold on!
It's getting harder, you hold on.
Waves get higher and higher.
See which way the wind's blowing then
run to the opposite side.
Let the rain seep through us:
if it hurts, then it's life.
If it hurts, man, it's life.
And it's life what you feel now,
a well of regrets and vacuum
but I guess it's too late
to repent as they told us.
Riding waves of sin
through the blackest seaway
you will come out alive,
we will come out alive.


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La canzone Waves of sin si trova nell'album Valiant uscito nel 2016.

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