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Saint Lawrence Verge – Ashram

“Ashram” is our sophomore effort, ten songs of trip rock recorded and mixed at Orion’s Lair and Inferno Studios, and then mastered at Sage Audio.
The “Ashram” is a community gathered for mystical purposes, and the album is an intermediate result of the spiritual research channeling through Saint Lawrence Verge.

The cover artwork represents the Roots, the Ladder and the Branches; we come from Cosmos, find ourselves here and rise the Ladder until we reach the Cosmos once again.
The first three songs of “Ashram” are about the Roots, or what lays behind us as historical origin (Wings of Oblivion), metaphysical origin (Nest of Lights) and genealogical origin (Equinox).
The Ladder - our present, visible and attemptable existence - inspired the next four songs, each one treating a different type of awareness: Nature and Elements (Struggle Fundamentals), Animals (And in the Black, Them), Humans (Ivory of the Peaks), Means for Other Forces (Ashram).
The expression of this point of Saint Lawrence Verge’s journey is then completed by the last three songs, which are reflections, dreams and mystical abductions about the Branches, the threshold of the Unknown, the road onward (or backward?) to Cosmos. “Black Woods” is about our private and immediate future perspective, “Past Lives in One” is about the relation between Time and Life, while “Cursed Among the Furthest Stars” is a swirling, bleak possession of hostile and far dimensions.

“A call from above to our sleeping cells
to let us ascend out of trembling shells,
We rise from black dwells;
little more than corpses of higher spells,
sidereal currents will overwhelm us,
among the stars our bodies will be crushed.”


Saint Lawrence Verge is:
Hatsya: vocals and guitars
Mart: guitars
Nauthiz: bass
Acrux: drums

Guest musicians:
Sofia: trumpet on "Ivory of the Peaks"
Erica: female vocals on "Past lives in One"

Ashram was recorded and mixed in 2015 at Orion’s Lair Studios and Inferno Studios in Modena, and mastered at Sage Audio Studios in Nashville, Tennessee.
Cover and artwork by Dave Mode.


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