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Fourth Mirco aka mc.Kai is one of the former members of Salento New Bass, a group critical to the growth of reggae andSalento in Italy during the years 1995 2005. In 2000 it is stated in the reggae scene, and general music through a CD produced byItalian Sud Sound System, called Salento Show Case 2000, wasback in 2000 just as the title of the cd stresses and realitiesregarding these genres "reggae hip hop, etc. "in Italy were very few who removed the posse south Sound System, DJ war, 99posse, united Africa, etc.
Hence in the following years after 2001 2002 come out as otherself-produced Reggae Festival Vito Vinicolo kai, who saw in the forefront with a song entitled "The Worker", Yaya, Cristian Muffin,and the emergence of new talents such as Lu Marra.Ancora out by this experience and after the cliffs of Salento New Bass Mircoaka Fourth Mc.Kai saw an important part of self-Dj War Militant Ptogether with the founding father of the South Sound Systemimmediately after the Salento Posse CD titled War project withan inside track to Kai zunami.
Today, after so many years here he dinuovo to the fore as important with a project based in Rome and no longer in SalentoSOUTH URBAN MOVEMENT, an independent label a CD a realproject with a lot of presentation at the Theatre Doc goes BariItaly 18 Rome 29 June 2011.
CODEST project will participate within it people who are completely different from previous ones, it only rimmara the previous Fourth Mirco aka MC: KAI along with Daniel Dukes akaALEINA DE, Adele Tie, Versienti Francesca, aka DJ MadMadrai Sozzo.

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album Tracce recuperate south urban records
Tracce recuperate 2013 - Rock, Rap, Reggae

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