Descrizione a cura della band

Working is very tiring. Surviving is tiring, and even playing can become very hard. Meeting one evening per week, for years, it’s demanding, especially if it means to drive for 60 Km, climb four storeys with the instruments worn on the shoulder, unload heavy amps or training during the other days of the week to not lose the playing skill. It’s the case of the four Sparkle in Grey members, that are doing this since 2005. But why keeping on? Why these rehearsals on Thursday evening, exactly when the stress of the week is at its top and the week end is not yet on sight? What does push them to record, to invest time and money to make it properly?
Maybe it’s the will to give a meaning to what they do, or the need to make it following some particular quality and ethic standard, perhaps like they did at Serrapiglio’s BADinstruments Studios, which are at total zero impact: it makes the clear conscience, for what matters.
Sometimes, in fact, Sparkle in Grey are really in doubt on the ways to change and to do something for this world, but so far is still the music, with all its expressive potential, even and probably especially when it’s ‘only’ instrumental, that gathers all the remaining energies of those Thursday evenings when the dinner is even more relevant that the rehearsals themselves. But the convivial chats never become an univocal message: in the tracks there are no slogans, but only sporadic sampled voices, footprints, signals, quotes for those who can get them, messages stated also by the drawings that compose the artwork. This time the roundmen on the sleeve don’t rest, don’t stare at the sky, don’t live in their small world, for sure they don’t sleep. They can’t anymore. They look very angry, harassed. But they don’t sing the praise for violence, they only have a mad fear of the rage they feel inside and outside of them. They grab stones, but they hardly understand how will they use them. They face directly to you. What can we do with these stones?

Every normal copy includes a CD digipack + plain pebble + extra track sent via mail to who contact the band telling his idea about the use of his pebble.


Alberto Carozzi, Cristiano Lupo, Matteo Uggeri, Franz Krostopovic. Additional musicians: Lucija Krostopovic, Simone Riva, Luca Serrapiglio, Andrea Serrapiglio. Recorded in Arci Blob summer 2011 by Mario Bossi, and in BadInstruments Studio summer 2012 by Andrea Serrapiglio. Mixed by MAtteo Uggeri and Andrea Serrapiglio. Mastering by Riccardo Gamondi.


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