Speak in Tongues - Innocent testo lyric


I've seen the chains around their wrists
as they were left to starve and die
in a dark filthy crowded cell
I was with them and that was
not something an innocent could bear

There came the day when I escaped
just running breathless 'till I dropped
My only hope: to get as far
away as I could, so goodbye
homeland, set your innocent son free

I left some grains of myself
on the ground in my own land
Lying in the sand I thought I was safe

Outside the desert I came to a town,
then I was pushed into the sea
with other dozens wet and scared
and those who reached the land
will never be called innocent again

I left some drops of myself
on the shores of a foreign land
my family left behind, my future blank.
Thanks God, I'm alive
No more need to hide
All is said and done and yet
I'm thankful of being innocent so far

I felt no friendly welcome
Stranger in their strange land
Little money and a lot of troubles
and just endure a life of work
Twelve hours a day is not enough,
but I can't tell nobody I'm here
'cause they could rip my beggar's dream
and send me back home

I left pieces of myself
anywhere I sowed a seed
to grow a better life and nothing more
Oh, beloved home,
however far I go
I always end up finding out that
there's no place for an innocent to call home


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Un mix di blues e hard rock, basato su "Come un uomo sulla terra", documentario di Andrea Segre sull'odissea infernale dei migranti africani attraverso la Libia per raggiungere l'Italia.


Ispirato a "Come un uomo sulla terra" di Andrea Segre.


La canzone Innocent si trova nell'album Speak my Tongue uscito nel 2013.

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