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Descrizione Statement of Intent

L'anima hard rock degli Speak in Tongues.
Perché un artista sente il bisogno di fare musica?
Perché si sente "l'eletto in grado di portare la bellezza nel mondo" o per un infantile bisogno di approvazione?

Testo della canzone

And still I'm wondering:
what did you expect from me?
So stuck with terror,
trembling harmless little kid.

I know you've never hit me
and yet I could hardly move.
You must have thought I was stupid:
I couldn't realize a thing of what you told me

What do you think I heard
besides your shouting?
What do you think I heard
of your teaching?
What do you think I heard?
Not my playing...

I was just thinking
that it would have come to an end,
counting he minutes left
to the tolling of the church bell

And then I could have run like hell
into her cosy arms.
I wonder how she's feeling now
thinking of those endless daily nightmares

What do you think I've learnt
from you shouting?
What do you think I've learnt
from your teaching?
What do you think I've learnt?
Was that music?

Still you can't blame yourself,
you say you were only trying
to make a star out of a child
if there had been something worth.

And in the words you're saying
I can't help understanding
your same bitter delusion
that I was so used to feel, but that's still hurting

How do you think I'm feeling
now that I'm shouting?
How do you think I'm feeling?
You know, I'm still playing...
How do you think I'm feeling?
And why am I doing it?

Why am I doing it?

Album che contiene Statement of Intent

album Speak my Tongue Speak in Tongues
Speak my Tongue 2014 - Rock, Grunge, Hard Rock

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