Speak in Tongues Well aware Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

Speak in Tongues Well aware Ascolta e Testo Lyrics

Rock, Grunge, Hard Rock 

Crema (CR), Lombardia



Descrizione Well aware

Un brano ispirato ai Beatles del periodo psichedelico e alla mancanza di comunicazione: la commedia degli equivoci di chi è "troppo innamorato" per ascoltare...

Testo della canzone

Well aware of being with
you, you're such a sunshine
saying that I'm well aware
of something I should have heard now
Well, it's hard to realize
anything when I see you

Well aware I love you
The only thing I'm well aware of
Well aware I'm happy
sunshine babe, I'm well aware

It's up to me
You're waiting for my saying
that I am well aware
Don't be surprised now
if I'm smiling still
I really must have missed
something a while ago
You now look quite annoyed
Should I reconsider
how well I'm aware?

Well aware of being a dumb
My smile is freezing
as I get quite well aware
of that nuance in your voice
I thought it was just
nothing I should ever care

Well aware I've been so
stuck and badly unaware
Well aware apart from
how you're looking well aware

It's up to me
you're waiting for my leaving
now I'm well aware
I'm so surprised
and yet I'm smiling still
I really must have missed
the moment you realized
we shouldn't get that close
You're kissing me goodbye
I'm getting well aware

And as I'm leaving
I can hardly
realize my walking
I just forgot
to beg your pardon
as I was just not aware

of your talking
of your feeling
of your crying
of your leaving

Album che contiene Well aware

album Speak my Tongue - Speak in Tongues
Speak my Tongue 2014 - Rock, Grunge, Hard Rock

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