Musician | Producer | Dj | Sound Designer

Spectre (Aldo Sulotto) is an electronic music composer, based in Turin.
His sound is very minimal, yet highly danceable.
Spectre challenges the distinction between DJing and live performance with a new audio-visual show which takes you closer to his unique way of performing. The show explores the relationship between human creativity and innovative technologies that enable the freedom of noise and dub improvisation, thanks to the collaboration with the electronic musician Hyde (Alberto Appiano), using dj consoles, synthesizers, weird sounds generators, effects and more.
He is obsessed with the 1980s and his music is in multimedia projects, movies and commercials.
He spends his money on synths, dj gear and japanese food.

"Miami" (2016 - Synthwave)
"1984 movies" (2017 - Tech House)
"Neuen" (2017 - Techno and Experimental)
"Some TV and commercial stuff" (2017 - Instrumental)