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Testo della canzone

Unfolds the day
around this farewell,
then falls apart
as all the teardrops
break loose

It's just the wind
behind your shoulder,
it wasn't me...
how this sounds so

You feel the way
rhymes collapse by
crashing words
still you hold on,
you hold onto me

So please hate me...

We drift away in sorrow

So please hate me...

Echoes from a distance
make their way through the static blue
The stillness of midsummer
frame a moment with your scent
And I'm ashamed of your beauty
I feel sorry for everything
And I'm sorry for this is
the very day to bury one's heart.

Album che contiene A Cruel Day

album Fragments starcontrol
Fragments 2018 - New-Wave, Dark, Alternativo SwissDarkNights / SwissDarkNights

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