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Torn inside by Winter's chant
we embrace the eventide
Crimson trails and fleeting joy
to flesh clearings, forlorn
The way we move along the thorns
will expose our silver bones
All this time devouring time
without notice the loss

Treetops are bending
and fingers are twisting
One silent and black woe
hasten my blood
'Cause night now falls around us
to raise the most horrible thoughts
and nail us to the cold bed,
inquietude shroud and den of fears

We have never asked to know
the deepness of the fragile hearts,
never asked to feel
the burden of a shivering heart

Frozen spires around our chests
and flaming words upon our lips
entwine to invade the cursed flesh,
there is where the light goes dark
We made our nest in crimson sorrow

Faint is the light
glowin’ inside us.

Album che contiene Among the Thorns

album Fragments starcontrol
Fragments 2018 - New-Wave, Dark, Alternativo SwissDarkNights / SwissDarkNights

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