"a troubadour of the highest order"

STEAD, acronyms of his real name Stefano Antoci D'Agostino was born in Ragusa, southern Sicily, on September 13th 1978. He moved to Milan (northern Italy) with the family when he was only 4 years old. After several experiences with local bands, in 1998 he founds as vocalist, guitarist and main author the alternative rock project Mud Hair Jongleur. The band releases two independent albums ("The way that tree bends" 2000 and "The Sunlover's Tale" 2004), playing more than 300 live acts all over the country and opening for international artists like Deep Purple, Johnny Lang and many popular local rock bands. In 2005 he moves to New York City (U.S) where he starts to approach folk music and solo acoustic sets with exhibitions in the most popular clubs of the Greenwich Village. During the american experience his style immediately turns into something very far from the rock aggressiveness of the early years. His new approach, infuencedby New York songwriting music scene now bases on "radical acoustic folk atmospheres and deep whispered narrative interlacements sometimes crashed by reminiscences of his innate rock attitude" (NYP). For the most important Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera "He's now the delicate heritage of artists like Jeff Buckley and Damien Rice". This second artistic life brings him to travel Europe mixing different infuences and playing more than 250 shows as opening act for established indie realities like Bob Wiseman, Munck Johnsonn, Alina Simone, Kat Frankie, Poems for Laila, Cesare Basile, PeterPiek, Lisa Papineau, Barbez, Dave Muldoon, The Alma Church Choir, Sarah Noni Metzer and many others. During the 2008 more than 70 shows promoted all across the continent the EP "Following Steps". The same thing happened the year after with the "?!"Ep Tour. Now the fnal cut of the album "ROUGH" collects 11delicate songs recorded between Italy, Sweden and UK in a fne digipak edition. The album has been recorded and produced with collaboration of Cesare Basile (John Parish), Giuliano Dottori, Roberta Cartisano, the american-irish Dave Muldoon and many other incredible musicians. More than 100 shows promoted, from Lampedusa to London, the album ROUGH all across Europe during the last winter. A big experience in a small attitude, always remembering that "smallest things are often the most precious" like "City" lovingly defned his music. Stead recently moved to London to start the umpteenth new artistic seasont. "Always moving and respectfully standing on the border line of the front row. Is it really the kindness of an intimate, indipendent and delicate folk soul ? … well … probably it is just nothing but that kind of care, curiousness and love for art that could never get stuck and will always be moving" "The kindness of an intimate, indipendent and delicate folk soul" "It will warm your heart with a deep voice and a soft fngerpicking guitar" "This is the proof of how the smallest things are often the most precious" "The delicate heritage of Jeff Buckley and Damien Rice" "Echoes of meanings which are destined to last long" "Sad sometimes, but often optimistic. And i really think that another me already won" "Acoustic folk atmospheres and deep whispered narrative interlacements crashed by reminiscences of his innate rock attitude" London based singer/songwriter Stefano Antoci D'Agostino, aka Stead, will be back on touring europe in November 2010. 22 Shows will bring his stories from London to Prague for an unforgettable journey around the most beautiful cities of Europe. The tour brand new duo line-up will involve the amazing talent of the sicilian multi-instrumentalist Davide Iacono, also known as Veivecura.