album The Recall Of The Soul - Stefano Casavecchia

Stefano Casavecchia The Recall Of The Soul


2020 - Sperimentale, Alternativo, Pop rock


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Descrizione a cura della band

Each of us living in this life can get lost in the illusions of the world such as money, material success, career, titles, followers and during our life each of us at some point is recalled by the Soul. Each of us is a Soul, that is the individualized Spirit and we will always be connected to the source of the Father God. From that we understand that there is no escape from the Consciousness of God the Father. The Soul in recalling us to ourselves makes us feel a feeling of unease by making us aware that the path we are taking in life is not the right one. So we must always try to listen to ourselves that is the soul that we are.


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