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Stefano Licio, Pop That Bubble With 6 Strings That Sizzle!

12-12 - I will not lie. I am a sucker for Pop music. It’s a vice that I keep secret. With all the avenues of music out there to choose from, occasionally in the car by myself, I will crank the radio and sing at the top of my lungs with the new Taylor Swift single. On the 8 tracks of 12-12 you will find no Pop at all. What you will find is a 6 string slinger named Stefano that commands his instrument with a true passion and mastery that will make you want to listen to this album over and over again. Mr Licio covers all the bases and invents some new ones as he travels over every centimeter of his guitar fretboard. Blues, Jazz, Rock and even experimental tracks take you on a journey through Stefano’s musical mind. This is the type of album that you would want to put on during a cold day in for it will truly warm you up. His technique and phrasing make his guitar playing a pleasure to listen to. I would highly recommend this album to anyone that appreciates guitar oriented music. It doesn’t matter what genre you prefer Stefano will play something that you like. It’s time to Pop the musical bubble that you are in and try something new. Go get this album now!


1) Tip toeing loudly: Bass, Marco Benvenuti; Drums, Federico Groff; Guitars, Stefano Licio; Hammond, Roberto Gorgazzini.

2) Sunday Afternoo: Bass, Michele “Mike” Astegher; Drums, Federico Groff; Guitars, Stefano Licio; Percussion programming, Stefano Licio; Drum machine & FX bass, Johannes “Nannes” Pfaender.

3) The Flight: Bass, Luciano Sorcinelli; Drums, Federico Groff: Guitars and Programming, Stefano Licio.

4) Tears: Acoustic Guitar, Stefano Licio.

5) Purple: Bass, Michele “Mike” Astegher; Drums, Federico Groff; Guitars, Stefano Licio; Keyboard, Alessio Zucca.

6) Funking Joke: Drum, Ivan Benvenuti; Guitars, Stefano Licio.

7) Saturn: Bass, Luciano Sorcinelli; Drums, Federico Groff; Guitars, Stefano Licio; Keyboards, Ivan Benvenuti.

8) Br1212 (Suite) Awakened, Fight and Fear, Acceptance: Drum, Bruno Miorandi; Guitar, Loops and FX, Stefano Licio; Cymbals, Stefano Licio and Paolo Mencucci.

Produzione artistica - Ivan Benvenuti e Stefano Licio per STIVO Records
Recording, mix & mastering - Ivan Benvenuti presso NIVA your sound! recording studio
Immagine di copertina ed elaborazione grafica - Ivan Benvenuti
Foto di copertina - Manuel Montesano.
music by Stefano Licio

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