album When the Rain Goes Away Stef Silib

Stef Silib When the Rain Goes Away

2016 - Rock, Folk, Acustico


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Descrizione a cura della band

"If the rain comes, they run and hide they heads".
I was humming one of my Beatles favorite songs on my balcony in Wandsworth Town, London. I felt lucky and privileged while observing at the river and people passing by. I thought about those lines and I tried to interpret them in a different way: what if the rain goes away? What happens next?

So months after I finished with London, I was thinking deep about what I had experienced in my time there. Now, sitting in the desert and the country of nowhere I had to start over once again. I didn't have much left but music and the intention to turn all my positive energies in it. Also, I felt like I really wanted to talk about people and places I had the chance to know during the recent years.

This album is a collaboration with musicians and friends that lent me their art. Luca Petraroli on drums and bass, Barbara Luna on backing vocals and violin, Lorenzo Nocerino on guitars and bass, Alessio Capatti on backing vocals and Alessandro Pinneri on keyboards.

When the rain goes away you turn the page, you stop feeling bad for something, and you come back to life.
Once the record was done, it all made sense: I have a lot of things through my head, but ultimately who cares, "when the rain goes away, it just goes away".

"IN A STORM" OFFICIAL VIDEO www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_mGUEWNv5k


All songs and lyrics by Stef Silib
Produced by Stef Silib and Luca Petraroli
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Frequenze Studio, Monza, Italy by Andrea Ravasio

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