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Testo della canzone

Fiction turned into fact
when the dog-gone dice were cast
the impossible, the probable, the real
life unfurled seamlessly in a showreel

It all went against
any common sense
to the final
causing mind to sway,
light up and lay bare
our narrow cage

What is gone can’t be revived
now that all the best inside us has already died
the days of miracles are now in smithereens
let ‘em all evanesce into Oblivion’s stream

Now I’m here with my hangover
it takes time to fit the little things together
rearrange em rather neatly
straining to stand on my two feet
seeds of guilt bloomed within me
stretching fast like wretched weeds
baneful, venomous, dead insidious, there they grow

Undismayed again we tried
but all the best inside us had already died
the days of miracles are past, our waking dreams
let ‘em all evanesce into Oblivion’s stream

Some dreams are too dangerous
they take no defeat
let ‘em fall and glide into
Oblivion’s stream

Album che contiene Lethe

album Lacework Suz
Lacework 2015 - Trip-Hop, Pop, Elettronica Irma Records srl / Self Distribuzione S.p.A.

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