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Testo della canzone

Doused the fire
quenched it all
flames rose higher

Watched it burn
wild and slow
witnessed all its highs and lows
fought my way through the haze
till I finally gained the door

Don’t inquire
‘bout my burns
no, don’t touch me
on the raw

Please, don’t ask,
let it go
for those throbs are none of yours
crawled through fumes ‘cross the room
while it cast a final glow

Smelled the scent of
a gone world
and its harsh

Braved the sparks
all aglow
tongues of blaze, test of gold
cut my way amid the smoke
through the embers of our home

Album che contiene Test of Gold

album Lacework Suz
Lacework 2015 - Trip-Hop, Pop, Elettronica Irma Records srl / Self Distribuzione S.p.A.

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