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La Madonna Soprattutto" is a lo-fi recording of Suzanne'Silver acoustic live-set. It was live recorded on a 8-track cassette recorder (Yamaha MT8X) and released by "Onehundredirty Records" on 100 hand-numbered cassette tapes.
If you would like to buy one these copies, write to ssdeadband(at)gmail(dot)com

Francesco Accardi - bass, double bass
Carlo Barbagallo - guitar, voices, keyboards, kazoo
Mauro Felice - drums, pads
Dario Serra - guitar, voices

Recorded, mixed & mastered "a cazzo" by Carlo Barbagallo at Monte Renna (SR) with a Yamaha MT8X.

Thanks to Pio, Toti, Dino & la madonna soprattutto.


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