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Descrizione the day after

Where is my t shirt, why I was sleeping here? and there’s vomit on the floor! Empty bottles everywhere, broken glasses on the stairs, I’m still drunk but I don’t care Then I see my friends lying on the floor, there is smell of sweat and shit (whoops) someone lost control I miss so much my bed , something strange coming through my head , so sure I can realize that last night I had a great time! Everyone was laughing everyone was singing everyone was screaming, listening to the radio Drink a beer, eat some meat, a cup of wine now tastes sweet, what a night But now it’s time to wake up and fix everything we broke last night, I don’t want to do it So I go outside and sit on a chair and I start to breath the air, now I feel better And a strange idea comes in my mind, let’s go buy some beer and meat and let’s have a great time Say goodbye to everything, to your liver and to your brain because now, the party starts again Everyone is laughing everyone is singing everyone is screaming, listening to the radio Drink more beer, eat more meat, a cup of wine always tastes sweet, what a life

Album che contiene the day after

album in demo stat virtus Swimming poors
in demo stat virtus 2010 - Punk, Indie

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