Sycamore Age - BINDING MOON testo lyric


Tell me about your morbid nights
they are twins of mine
the long nights you spend looking for
the fake hopes of your past
with the moon above your head
it has the same indifferent gaze

We had climbed on the highest trees
to see the farthest lights
but it was so long ago

It was so long, long, long ago
it was so long ago
it was long time ago

You know dear, I’ve just told the truth
hey, hey please stay invent your god and stay
our dawn will never glow but perhaps
that moon will feel our being

While my fault grew
I spent my time
on future lies
don’t hear me

While my lies grew
I spent my time
watching the moon
forgive me


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Francesco Chimenti - Stefano Santoni


La canzone BINDING MOON si trova nell'album Sycamore Age uscito nel 2010.

Copertina dell'album Sycamore Age, di Sycamore Age

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