Talk To Her

2020 - Rock, New-Wave, Elettronica


LOVE WILL COME AGAIN is Talk To Her’s debut album, their second production after the EP HOME (2018). It’s an album about love as an overwhelming power, a mystical experience of life that might be even the hardest: ten tracks, a decalogue describing it as the supreme law which controls and regulates everything.

It reminds us firstly of the fragility of innocence (Innocence), telling us how suspicion in a relationship can be hard to handle (Truth), as well as with the feeling of pain and grief (Ibisco). Then it investigates how it feels to get lost still waiting in deathly silence (Hollow) or trying to fill the void of those who are missing (The Caller). In the end this journey is sealed with a confession (Confessions), a dialogue with our inner ghost, when losing yourself is the way to find your mind again.

LWCA is the investigation of love as a mass phenomenon transformed in a routine of meaningless images by a poetical practice.
LWCA is the dramatic story of the eternal fight between a fragile human being and a society that doesn’t live love because love dominates it.
LWCA is a suffered warning.
LWCA is a loud shout.
LWCA is a violent rebellion.

Love has always had its absolute, strict, seducing rules.
Its dictatorship has been coming back since ever.
It will come back forever.


All songs by Talk To Her
Produced by Matteo Scarpa
Recorded by Edoardo Pellizzari • Teatro delle Voci • Treviso (IT)
Mixed by Edoardo Pellizzari • Teatro delle Voci • Treviso (IT)
Mastered by Collin Jordan • The Boiler Room • Chicago (USA)
Artwork by Sara Murrone •
Distributed by Audioglobe

Shyrec • Icy Cold Records
SHY033 • ICR034


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