Beach Goth Shoegaze

Tangerine Stoned formed in summer 2011 by guitar player Alex Key and vocalist Chris Jei. Their intention was to re-create the sound of 60s psychedelic bands like Pink Floyd, Doors, Cream ,Seeds ,Jimi Hendrix Experience. They recruited Danièl on bass guitar, Verner on keys and Checcho on the drums.
They immediately started to write original material inspired by the acid sound of the aforementioned bands.
In 2013 they started to record their debut album the self-titled Tangerine Stoned.
The album was released in May 2013.
After the departure of Verner and Checcho the band recruited J. Barto on guitar and, first Bobby, then Fab "Gallo" on drums and they went forward to a "modern classic sound".
The new sound is definetly completed by the return of Checcho on drums and, with the exit of Alex Key, they took the keyboardist Luca as a external member.
On the 29th of February 2016 they release they're first self-product album "Delitti Scoperti".
The band is currently gigging throughout Italy, and it's getting ready for other release and an European Tour in the fall.